Written and Created by Sean Cook

Directed by John Hayes

Liverpool based Detective Inspector Colette Cunningham has the wind knocked out of her when she learns that her estranged daughter Kate has been found dead in Dublin having committed suicide. Kate changed her name to Stacey and moved to Ireland after disappearing without a trace 20 years ago. Colette had assumed Stacey wanted nothing to do with her but in the days leading up to her death, Stacey made Colette her next of kin and guardian of her children: Cara (16) and Liam (14).

For Colette, the biggest puzzle is that a few months prior to her death, Stacey was suspended from her hospital nursing job after being suspected of stealing oxycodone from the hospital. Colette struggles to comprehend why Stacey would do such a thing.

Joining Dublin Police as Detective Garda, Colette meets officer Siobhan Wilson, no filters but a soft heart. After their first arrest, Siobhan’s a firm admirer of Colette’s style, but this will be tested during their time together.

Meanwhile, Colette uses her spare time to learn about Stacey and those around her: some kind, some liars and some even criminal. The longer she looks, the more convinced she becomes that Stacey didn’t take her own life. Determined to discover the truth around Stacey’s death, Colette risks her reputation and her safety to bring justice for her daughter.